Unlock Tomorrow provides programming, resources and relationships to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated young people, empowering them to free themselves from the criminal justice system.

 The foundation of Unlock Tomorrow is built upon our conviction that every young person has the right to dream, discover their talent, and access the resources required to merge the two. Through mentorship, art and education offerings, Unlock Tomorrow supports justice-involved individuals as they mine, amplify and share their own innate greatness with the world. We work to offer an ever- expanding network of opportunities and relationships that equip these young people with the tools needed to succeed and thrive.

 Unlock Tomorrow brings developmental, practical and aspirational workshops and classes directly to detention centers. After-care continues following release through re-entry and alumni programming. Our end goal is no less than a paradigm shift: a culture that proves every day incarcerated is also one day closer to a fresh start.

 Fully aware of the many challenges we face in our pursuit, we aggressively develop programs and services in partnership with the young people we serve, giving them a real sense of ownership through our youth advisory board and leaders initiative. This is theirs to build. Fearless innovation, a dogged work ethic and relentless persistence are the DNA of Unlock Tomorrow’s culture.

 Unlock Tomorrow is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in California.